Communications 12 (Smeed)

Topics of Study

  1. Topic 1

    • Review Parts of Speech, Sentences, Spelling Rule
    • Lesson: Types Of Paragraphs
    • Composition – Audience, Narrowing Your Topic
    • Writing Good Topic Sentences
  2. Topic 2

    • “Early Inklings” by John Updike
    • Lesson: Composition – Transitions
    • Technological Isolation
    • Expository Essay: “Hard Edges, Sot Skills’* Lesson: Career Connections – Interview And Reflection/Analysis
    • Employability Skills Poll
    • Modifier Errors, Awkward Sentences, Parallelism, and Spelling Rule 2
  3. Topic 3

    • Literary Devices Online Lesson
    • Introduction To Poetry
    • Lesson: “Mudwoman”: Read Narrative Poem And Identify
    • Elements Of Fiction
    • Script Or Movie Poster
    • Subject-Verb Agreement, Spelling Rule 3 And Word Mix-Ups
    • Unit Three Quiz
  4. Topic 4

    • Interview and Editorial – Comparison and Contrast
    • Pronouns, Adverb Errors, Comparison and Contrast, Spelling Rule 4
  5. Topic 5

    • Write a Persuasive Paragraph
    • Sentence Combining
    • Conjunctions, Double Negatives, Rhetorical Questions, and Sentence Fragments
  6. Topic 6

    • “Summer Job” – A Poem
    • Redundancy, Word Mix-Ups, and Spelling Rule 5
    • Lesson: Media Images: “Identity Crisis” Paragraph Or Other Format
  7. Topic 7

    • Forum: What is Popular Culture?
    • Read And Respond To A Persuasive Essay- “Disaster As Popular Culture”
    • Plurals, Possessives, Contractions, and Spelling Rule 6
    • Wite a Persuasive Essay
  8. Topic 8

    • Resumes
    • Covering Letter, And Interview
    • Memo, E-Mail And Business
    • Letter
  9. Topic 9

    • Adjectives, Adverbs, Verbs, Usage And Spelling Review
    • Lesson: Composition – Transitions
  10. Topic 10

    • Narrative Essay: “Epic of Survival: Shackleton”
    • Mechanics: Abbreviations and Numbers
    • Write A Narrative Essay
  11. Topic 11

    • Lesson: “Genome Sequence: Just The Beginning”
    • Sentence Mechanics: Capitals, Periods and Commas
  12. Topic 12

    • Sentence Combining
    • Sentence Mechanics: Exclamation Mark, Colon and Semicolon
  13. Topic 13

    • Lesson: Visual Design
    • Visual Design: Assess a Handout
    • Visual Design: Create a Handout for Your Classmates
  14. Topic 14

    • Symbol: “The Butterfly”
    • Mechanics: Apostrophes and Quotation
  15. Topic 15

    • Review For Your Final Exam
    • IN-CLASS FINAL TEST (Not To Be Confused With The Provincial Exam)
  16. Topic 16

    • Preparing for an interview Assignment
    • The interview Assignment
    • More interview skills Assignment

*Note:This is a provincially examinable course. A provincial exam needs to be registered for and written in order to obtain a full grade. Your class mark (earned in this class) and your provincial exam mark will be combined for your final grade in this course. Students on an adult graduation program are not required to write the provincial exam but it is recommended. Your final transcript will be mailed to you from the Ministry of Education.

Recommended prerequisites:

Although there are no prerequisites for this course, you do need to be working at a grade 11 level.


Students will need to see me to pick up the course binder and a copy of The Communications Handbook


  • Coursework: (60%)
  • Assignment and quizzes: 40%
  • Essays and projects: 15%
  • In-Class Midterm: 20%
  • In-Class Final exam: 25%
  • Provincial Exam: (40%)

Student Responsibilities

As in any online course we offer, students are expected to log onto the course and to submit at least one assignment (or have contact with their instructor) each week. Students who do not log onto the course or keep in contact with their instructor on a weekly basis will be viewed as having withdrawn from their online course and will be notified by their instructor that they are being withdrawn from the course. Students who withdraw from an online course are not allowed by Ministry of Education regulations to retake the same online course for two reporting periods.


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