Biology 12 (French)

Winter 2011 Course Outline

  • Units – Each unit has a start date and an end date. The start date is the day the unit opens in Moodle and the end date is the day it closes.
  • Please complete all work in a unit within the time allotted for each unit, as you will not be able to access the material after the end date.
  • You will need to make arrangements to come to write unit tests with your teacher.
  • Please make sure that you write the unit tests in a timely manner.
  1. Unit 1: Cell Chemistry

    February 7 – 25

  2. Unit 2: Cell Structure and Function

    February 28 – March 18

  3. Unit 3: Digestive System

    March 28 – April 1

  4. Unit 4: Circulatory System

    April 4 – 22

  5. Unit 5: Respiratory System

    April 26 – May 3

  6. Unit 6: Nervous System

    May 4 – 18

  7. Unit 7: Urinary System

    May 19 – May 27

  8. Unit 8: Reproductive System

    May 30 – June 3


Biology 12 is a good introduction to Human Biology. One learns about how the body works. It can be the first step to a career in the Health Sciences. Biology 12 is a prerequisite for many University and College programs.

Recommended prerequisites:

It is essential that one has at least high school reading level skills. Students will learn large amounts of detailed information. They MUST be able to analyze this information and problem solve. A good mark in a previous Grade 11 or 12 Science course probably means that one is ready for Biology 12.


InquiryInto Life (ninth, tenth or 12th edition) and Investigations In Biology (second edition) are required. You also have access to an online text (e-text).


  • Assignments, Tutorials and Labs

    All assignments and labs are 50% of your mark and the due dates are outlined in each module.

  • Tests

    Each module will have an online test or a test that you need to write at the school in person. Please pre-arrange to write tests in advance. Tests are worth 50% of your mark

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to sign on to Moodle regularly and follow along with each module. A student needs to complete the module in the timeline indicated. . Each week a student needs to put at least 6 – 8 hours of work into learning the material and completing assignments. The final exam is written under supervision at the school. As you work through the material you are expected to hand in the assignments in as you go (please don’t hand in several assignments at the end of the module). There will be tutorials held weekly for each module, the date and time is indicated in the unit. Please attend these tutorials if you are able. If you can’t attend, you will be able to access the lesson online. There may be an expectation for you to meet face to face with your teacher.

Note: This is a provincially examinable course. A provincial exam needs to be registered for and written in order to obtain a full grade for Bioloby 12 Your class mark (earned in this class) and your provincial exam mark will be combined for your final grade in this course. Students on an adult graduation program are not required to write the provincial exam but it is recommended. Your final transcript will be mailed to you by the Ministry of Education.