Geography 12

Course Outline: Geography 12

Course Duration:

You have one calendar year to complete this course from the date of Activation.

Units of Study:

Interaction of the Biospheres

  • Geographical themes (location, place, regions etc)
  • Four Spheres (Atmosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Lithosphere)
  • Bio mere
  • Geography Literacy

Atmosphere (Nature & Structure)

  • Weather & Climate

Earth materials (Forms & Structure)

  • Tectonic processes
  • Gradational processes

Resources and Environmental

  • Resource management
  • Impact of Human Activities


Geography 12
is a study of the physical geography of planet earth.

Recommended prerequisites:



The required textbook for Geography 12 is “Planet Earth / A Physical Geography”


Substantive Assignment = 5%
Assignments = 45%
Tests = 40%
Final Exam = 10%

For further curriculum details please refer to the BC Ministry of Education:

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to log onto the course and submit one assignment each week (or have contact with the instructor). Students who do not log onto the course, or keep in contact with their instructor on a weekly basis, will be viewed as having withdrawn from this online course. If you are active and withdraw from an online course, the Ministry of Education regulations will prohibit you from retaking this online course for two reporting periods.