History 12

Course Outline: History 12

Course Duration:

You have one calendar year to complete this course from the date of Activation.

Units of Study:

The Study of History

  • Analyze primary and secondary sources (historical evidence)
  • Assess significant historical events in relation to social, political, economic, technological, cultural, and geographic factors
  • Demonstrate historical empathy

Turmoil and Tragedy: 1933-1945

  • Great Depression
  • World War II
  • Holocaust

Conflict and Challenge: The World of 1919

  • Significance of nationalism and imperialism in the world of 1919
  • Evaluate the Paris Peace Conference

Transformation and Tension: 1945-1963

  • Cold War
  • China in world affairs
  • Israel and the Arab world
  • Nationalism post-1945 decolonization of
    India and Indochina
  • Human rights in South Africa and the
    United States

Promise and Collapse: 1919-1933

  • Basic features of Fascism, Communism and Democracy
  • Circumstances that led to the rise of fascist in Italy
  • Hitler and National Socialism in Germany
  • Lenin and Stalin transforming the USSR
  • Colonial rule and emerging nationalism in Palestine
    and the Indian subcontinent
  • Social, Economic, and political developments in the
    United states in the 1920’s

Progress and Uncertainty: 1963-1991

  • Conflicts in Vietnam and the Middle East
  • Chinese communism
  • Late stages of the Cold War


Graduation Transitions 12 is a course designed to support the student to enter the world prepared for the financial / educational and health challenges.

Recommended prerequisites:

Planning 10




Substantive Assignment = 5%
Completion of all Prescribed Learning Outcomes = RM (Requirements Met)

For further curriculum details please refer to the BC Ministry of Education:

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to log onto the course and submit one assignment each week (or have contact with the instructor). Students who do not log onto the course, or keep in contact with their instructor on a weekly basis, will be viewed as having withdrawn from this online course. If you are active and withdraw from an online course, the Ministry of Education regulations will prohibit you from retaking this online course for two reporting periods.