About Us

The Connected Learning Community is a Distributed Learning school and is part of School District 42. CLC is an online school that offers a variety of online courses from the re-designed BC curriculum. Our school is a member of the Western Canadian Learning Network and we offer many of the courses designed by the WCLN.

 Students come to us come from a variety of different backgrounds including home-schooled, athletes who need flexibility for training and competing, gifted learners, students who may be traveling overseas, students recovering from illness and students tailor-making a learning schedule.

On behalf of our hard-working and caring staff, I would like to welcome you to the CLC and wish you every success.

Jeffrey CurwenJeffrey Curwen


School Vision for the Connected Learning Community (CLC)

We value the diversity and individuality of all members of our school community. We recognize that people learn in a variety of different ways, at different rates, and are comfortable learning in a variety of different environments. We are a DL school that works towards meeting the individual needs of each learner, making their time at CLC not only informative but attempting to prepare them for their future. Our instructors work to make our lessons applicable and enjoyable.