Anatomy & Physiology 12

Course Outline: ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY 12

Course Duration:
You have one calendar year to complete this course from the date of Activation.

Units of Study:

  • Unit #1 – Cell Chemistry
  • Unit #2 – Cell Structures & Functions
  • Unit #3 – Digestive System
  • Unit #4 – Circulatory & Respiratory Systems
  • Unit #5 – The Nervous System
  • Unit #6 – Urinary & Reproductive Systems


Anatomy and Physiology 12 is a good introduction to Human Biology. One learns the basics about how the body works. It can be the first step towards a career in the Health Sciences. This course is a prerequisite for many University, College and B.C.I.T. programs.

Recommended prerequisites:

IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT ONE HAS AT LEAST HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL READING SKILLS. Students will learn large amounts of detailed information. They must be able to analyze this information and problem solve. A good mark in a previous Grade 11 or 12 Science course indicates that you are probably ready for this course.


No text book is required. All of the resources are built into the course web pages.

However you must have access to a computer and the internet. Basic computer skills, like the ability to compose Word Documents and pdf files, will be very helpful.

Substantive Assignment = 5%
Other Assignments = 15%
Unit Tests = 50%
Final Exam = 30%

For further curriculum details please refer to the BC Ministry of Education:

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to log onto the course and submit one assignment each week (or have contact with the instructor). Students who do not log onto the course, or keep in contact with their instructor on a weekly basis, will be viewed as having withdrawn from this online course. If you are active and withdraw from an online course, the Ministry of Education regulations will prohibit you from retaking this online course for two reporting periods.