Family Studies 12


The aim of this Family Studies 12 course is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will assist them in making informed decisions related to family and interpersonal relationships. In the first half of the course, students will examine how changes in society impact the definition of family and the functions of the family, as well as explore family trends in Canada and family customs and traditions in different cultures. Students will examine the roles and responsibilities of family members, family values, and the influence of family dynamics. Students will also understand the economic, social, and emotional issues facing families today and practical strategies for coping with those challenges. In the second half of the course, students will study how relationships form and change. Students will explore a variety of relationships, including work relationships, friendships, and committed relationships, as well as examine how these relationships evolve or end. This course will also provide an overview on effective communication, wellness, and safety in interpersonal relationships. Students will examine the variety of ways people communicate and describe components of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Students will conclude this course by researching careers associated with interpersonal and family relationships.

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Recommended Prerequisites

The Ministry of Education does not require a prerequisite for this course. However, you need to be reading and writing at grade level to be successful.


Materials for this course are provided online.


Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to log onto the course and submit one assignment (or have contact with the instructor) each week.

Students who do not log onto the course, or keep in contact with their instructor on a weekly basis, will be viewed as having withdrawn from the online course. The instructor will then notify them that they are being withdrawn from the course. Students who withdraw from an online course are not allowed by Ministry of Education regulations to retake the same online course for two reporting periods.