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This is for High School students only. If you are NOT enrolled in a high school or are a Non-Graduate or Graduated student, please call Riverside Centre to book an academic advising appointment:
604-466-6555 Extension 202

If you are currently enrolled in a High School, please proceed to the on-line registration format below:

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    (if “yes” you must go to Riverside Centre to pay your applicable $500.00 course fee)
  • 1) I understand I will receive a confirmation of enrollment in my course(s) within 5 school days, by email, informing me of my instructor’s name, email address and course log-in information.
    2) I understand I am not able to choose my teacher and that one will be assigned for me.
    3) I may be required to attend contact blocks for this course(s), either face to face or online.
    4) I agree to complete my first assignment within 10 school days of receipt of the confirmation of enrollment email. By completing and submitting my first assignment I understand this will activate my enrollment in the course.
    5) I understand that if I do not complete this first assignment within the 10 school days I may be withdrawn from the course(s) and will need to re-apply. I understand that there is no guarantee of placement in the course if I chose to re-enroll.
    6) I understand that if I activate in the course and choose to withdraw from this course(s) after activation, I will receive a final school mark based on the assignments and course completed to date, which may result in a failing grade.
    7) I agree to complete this course(s) within one year of receiving the confirmation of enrollment email.
    8) I have parent consent to enroll in an on-line learning environment.
    9) I understand that I must abide by all of the School District 42 Internet Use Protocols.
    10) I understand that the School Code of Conduct applies to my conduct. Plagiarized work will result in a mark of ‘zero’ and possible disciplinary measures including course withdrawal.